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DVIGear Introduces DisplayNet DN‑150 Series at InfoComm 2019
Sets New Benchmark for SDVoE Performance and Value

ORLANDO, Fla., June 12, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- DVIGear, a leading manufacturer of digital connectivity products, has set new benchmarks for performance and value with the introduction of its latest DisplayNet® products, the DN‑150 Series.  Based on the popular SDVoE standard, these breakthrough products will be on display at InfoComm 2019 in Orlando, FL on June 12-14 in Booth 1725.  

DisplayNet DN‑150  Unprecedented Value
The DN‑150 Series represents a major breakthrough in performance and value for IP-based AV signal distribution applications. Starting at under $1,000 per endpoint, the DN‑150 Series utilizes cutting-edge SDVoE technology in a fanless, low-profile case that can be mounted unobtrusively in nearly any location. The DN‑150 Series delivers unconstrained scalability, fast matrix switching, zero frame latency and zero artifact image quality. DN‑150 Series devices distribute signals with resolutions of up to 4K/60p (4:4:4) with 8-bit color, or 4K/60p (4:2:2) with 10 or 12-bit color. Like other DisplayNet products, these units provide independent multi-layer routing of HDMI audio and video signals, as well as IR, RS-232, Analog Audio, and 1GbE. The DN‑150 Series provides full interoperability with other SDVoE products, including the DisplayNet DN‑200 Series, enabling enhanced system flexibility, while reducing overall system cost. The DN‑150 Series is available with either copper or optical fiber transport, enabling signal extension distances of up to 100 meters (328 ft.) with CAT-6A twisted pair and up to 30 KM (18.6 miles) with single-mode fiber. The DN‑150 Series will be available in September 2019, with a starting price of $995 per unit.

DisplayNet DN‑150‑TX‑Quad  Redefining the Matrix
In addition to DN‑150 transmitters and receivers, DVIGear will also be showing a groundbreaking new addition to the DisplayNet family with its new DisplayNet DN‑150‑TX‑Quad HDMI Input Module for NETGEAR M4300-96X modular 10G network switches. This new product features four (4) direct HDMI input ports with on-board SDVoE processors, enabling the module to effectively replace four standalone DN‑150-TX transmitter units, saving space, complexity and cost.  The DN‑150‑TX‑Quad integrates directly into the NETGEAR M4300-96X switch, which is one the most robust and highly versatile 10G network switches on the market for SDVoE applications. The NETGEAR M4300-96X comes preconfigured for SDVoE applications, which greatly simplifies system installations.  The DN‑150‑TX‑Quad HDMI Input Module provides the lowest cost per-port and highest port density among all competing 10GbE AV-over-IP solutions in the industry. "In many ways, this product represents an end-game for us.  We originally embraced SDVoE because it was the only AV-over-IP standard that could meet and exceed the performance of a dedicated matrix switcher.  With this product, we're converting the network switch itself into a matrix switcher, while retaining all of the additional versatility that SDVoE offers," said Steven Barlow, President of DVIGear.  The DN‑150‑TX‑Quad offers the same performance and resolution support as a standalone DN‑150 transmitter unit, at half of the cost per port.  It is fully interoperable with other SDVoE products, including the DisplayNet DN‑200 Series. The DN‑150‑TX‑Quad HDMI Input Module will be available in September 2019, with a suggested retail price of $1,995 per module.

DisplayNet DN‑200 Series  Cutting Edge AV Distribution
The DN‑200 Series is the flagship product of the DisplayNet product line.  The DN‑200 Series leverages SDVoE technology to distribute uncompressed AV signals with resolutions up to 4K /60p over a 10GbE Ethernet network. The DN‑200 Series supports HDMI 2.0 and DisplayPort 1.2 with up to 12-bit color and HDCP 2.2. Additionally, DN‑210U and DN‑220U models support High Speed USB 2.0 extension.  A high-performance video processor in both the transmitter and receiver units enables Fast Switching, MultiViewer, Advanced Video Wall, and output scaling functionality.  The DN‑200 Series supports twisted pair (CAT6a or CAT7) media up to 328 ft. (100 meters), or Fiber Optic media using an industry standard SFP+ module supporting extension distances up to 18 miles (30 km). DN‑200 transmitter and receiver units are available starting at $1,350 (USD) MSRP per end point.

DVIGear will demonstrate the Zero Frame Latency performance of the DisplayNet product line through an interactive racing car simulator exhibit at the show. Stand visitors will have the opportunity to race in a simulated hypercar, with both USB 2.0 controls and the HDMI 4K/60 video feed provided by DisplayNet. The demonstration showcases DisplayNet's artifact-free image quality and zero-frame latency, as well as exhibiting the DN‑200 Series' USB extension capabilities. DVIGear will be handing out prizes to participants with qualifying lap times, as well as a daily grand prize for the fastest racer for each day of the show.

DVIGear will also be exhibiting its comprehensive suite of AV connectivity solutions, including HyperLight Active Optical Cables, at InfoComm 2019 in Booth 1725.

About DVIGear
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