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Experience Exciting Glasses-Free 3D Display Technology at InfoComm 2023

"Believing is Seeing" IQH3D is positive that anyone who experiences their Glasses-Free 3D devices firsthand will be amazed at the immersive image quality in their latest generation of displays. 

MIAMI, June 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- IQH3D is exhibiting at InfoComm 2023 in Orlando, FL, and unveiling its latest display technology, the WIZARD, from June 14 to 16 in booth #2484. This is a portable Glasses-Free 3D holographic digital photo frame that allows users to easily convert their 2D photos into amazing 3D holographic format with the accompanying WIZARD App. The WIZARD is a 7.9" LCD digital display that can be utilized for digital signage applications and for pure visual enjoyment. Experience photo memories with true-to-life depth and perspective.

The WIZARD frame can display a company's products with a compelling 3D real-world experience. The WIZARD's immersive gallery and picture format have users enjoying their photographic memories as never before possible.

The beauty of the WIZARD frame is the simplicity of converting 2D images to the WIZARD's holographic 3D format. This is done within the WIZARD App on your Android or Apple device with a simple step.

The WIZARD App simply requires the user to choose an image from their local 2D library. The app does the rest by converting and formatting the picture to the WIZARD 3D holographic format, displaying it with amazing depth and a real-life perspective.

WIZARD Pro version allows creators and developers to view their 3D images and models directly from their computers. "If you love the Harry Potter movies, you will love the WIZARD, after you witness your photos come alive!" Loyal Haylett, CEO of IQH3D.

IQH3D is inviting everyone to witness the revolutionary line of Glasses-Free 3D products at InfoComm 2023 in Orlando, June 14–16, booth #2484.

Visitors can register for free entry to InfoComm using code IQH317 at for a live demo of IQH3D Glasses-Free 3D devices. According to IQH3D, "Believing is Seeing" and they are positive that anyone who experiences their 3D devices firsthand will be amazed at the depth and pop-out that their devices deliver. Along with the brand-new WIZARD frame, IQH3D will be showcasing other Glasses-Free 3D products for digital signage as well as monitors with eye-tracking technology that are used for medical, engineering, design, and gaming applications.

IQH3D is pioneering the development and adoption of Glasses-Free 3D ecosystems with a full range of products for consumer and commercial applications. This includes 3D content creation, conversion, streaming, and delivering innovative Glasses-Free 3D devices.

IQH3D Customized Applications:

Expert integrators of Glasses-Free 3D technology!

IQH3D offers custom integration of their Glasses-Free 3D technology into existing systems. "We have upgraded display systems for customers in multiple industries, including medical, education, engineering, conferencing, signage, entertainment, and consumer devices. Our team includes software and hardware integrators to simplify the transition from 2D or headgear-required 3D to Glasses-Free 3D." David Ross, COO of IQH3D.

About IQH3D

IQ-Haylett LLC, dba IQH3D is a Florida-based technology company that is focused on Glasses-Free 3D stereoscopic technology. Their mission is to bring revolutionary Glasses-Free 3D viewing technology to consumer products, the metaverse, and the business community, with the highest quality optical solutions achievable through research and development with their world-leading 3D optical scientific teams and partners.

IQH3D's current line of Glasses-Free 3D products includes the IQH3D 10.8" Skyy tablet, the SEAA Android 11 smartphone, the WIZARD frame, multi-view 3D displays (28–200 inches), single-view 3D monitors with eye-tracking technology, videowalls (11–100 feet), the IQH3D CMS platform for commercial 3D advertising networks, and 3DWizz (an automatic 2D to 3D content conversion system). Their services include 3D content creation and conversion. IQ-Haylett and IQH3D are registered trademarks of IQ-Haylett LLC in the United States and/or other countries. The names of other companies and products mentioned herein may be trademarks of their respective owners.

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