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Bogen Announces Nyquist IP-Based Software Communications Platform
First application of the platform is aimed at K-12 and higher education

June 1, 2017, Mahwah, NJ – Today, Bogen Communications, Inc. announced the introduction of its first pure IP-based, software-centric communications platform – Nyquist™. The Nyquist platform can address the unique communication needs of a variety of users: K-12 schools, universities, industrial facilities, retailers, offices, restaurants and bars — anywhere easy and effective communication and audio distribution are required.

The heart of the Nyquist platform is a remarkably easy to use software suite with an intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI). Nyquist software resides on a network server and uses existing LAN, WAN and/or legacy ‘home-run’ cable infrastructure for two-way data and communication flow. Feature-rich IP phones and purpose-built Nyquist appliances provide convenient communication control and interoperability with third party devices and systems such as access control, fire alarm, clock, mass notification, and PBX systems.

The Nyquist platform is adaptable. It can be scaled to support a virtually unlimited number of schedules, facilities and stations. Additional features and capabilities can be easily added, as user’s needs change. The software platform can be easily upgraded over time to address ever-changing customer environments and technology.

Nyquist solutions are extremely easy to install and use. Nyquist’s Web-based GUI allows people with a broad spectrum of technical proficiencies to use the system. Buttons are large and clear; text is simple and legible; and embedded tooltips and guides aid in user self-sufficiency. Administrators can create an unlimited number of user roles and assign individual users permissions appropriate for their duties and technical proficiency.

“The Nyquist platform runs on Debian Linux OS. This provides us the flexibility to develop end-user solutions on a variety hardware platforms,” explained Bogen product development VP John Minnick. “The initial release is a solution targeted to Bogen’s Education Systems channel. Future product releases will include solutions targeted at the commercial audio overhead paging and music distribution channels.”

Introducing Nyquist E7000
The first solution derived from this new software platform is the Nyquist E7000 system, optimized for schools and universities. E7000 is a state of the art, IP-based, software-centric paging and intercom solution that leverages the latest digital, mobile, and software technologies to address today’s rapidly evolving educational environments, security challenges and mobile lifestyles. But to call it a paging and intercom system is to under-state its capabilities in communication, safety and security. Nyquist E7000 is a suite of powerful, yet easy to use tools that allows users to quickly and effectively manage campus-wide and district-wide school communications.

Nyquist E7000 is readily accessible, anytime, anywhere. Users interface with the system either through a Nyquist VoIP admin phone or via a browser-based GUI on PCs, smart phones, and tablets. Users can access the system no matter where they are in the connected world 24/7.

Bogen’s 85-year history of audio excellence is evident in the range and quality of audio features, such as storing and managing CD-quality music, announcements, bells and tones. Announcements may be live or recorded and delivered either in real-time or on schedule.

Nyquist E7000’s purpose-built appliances extend the platform’s capabilities even further. Initial release appliances include administration and staff VoIP phones, a software programmable Digital Call Switch, HD audio IP talkback speakers (wall and ceiling), an 8x8 Input/Output Controller for third party device interoperability, a four-channel Matrix Mixer/Preamp that connects Nyquist to any variety of audio sources, and an Analog Station Bridge that permits Nyquist to be deployed with existing analog speakers, call switches and cabling.

Nyquist E7000 will be sold exclusively through authorized Bogen Education Systems specialist dealers and is expected to start shipping in July, 2017. Other applications of the Nyquist platform are planned for introduction in 2018.

Bogen will be conducting live demonstrations of the Nyquist E7000 system in booth # 5861 at InfoComm 2017.

For more information on Nyquist E7000 for schools and universities, visit

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