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INFiLED shines at InfoComm2023 with its latest EZ2.6, Atlas-X and other quality products

SHENZHEN, China, June 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- On June 14th, INFiLED, a leading enterprise in the LED display industry participated in InfoComm2023, North America's largest exhibition for the ProAV industry, held at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida.

At booth 1624, INFiLED showcased an array of quality products suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations, including fine-pixel-pitch screens and LED panel samples. Moreover, INFiLED's product specialists provided consulting services to visitors to help them achieve their desired display solutions.

Among the outdoor displays presented by INFiLED was its latest EZ2.6 series for DOOH, featuring energy-saving technology, with a maximum power consumption of only 210W/panel; and a high contrast ratio of 26,700:1, ensuring that bright areas were not overexposed and details in shadows were rendered well when playing content.

An EZ series screen exhibited at the INFiLED booth

Also on exhibit was the Atlas-X series, recently co-developed by INFiLED and PRG. This series supported ±10°concave-convex screen settings, and the connection angle between its cabinets can be quickly changed through cassettes and curving connectors (optional accessories) that can be arranged flexibly; besides, the cabinets were equipped with hidden suspension hooks and vertical locking systems to facilitate screen installation.

In addition to Atlas-X, another incredible LED display for events, the Titan-X series screen, INFiLED's innovative visual solution for outdoor events also appeared at this exhibition. With up to 70% transparency, it can present stunning visual effects without obstructing the scenery behind the screen; moreover, it featured an extremely stable frame that can withstand winds of 20 m/s.

A Titan-X series screen was shown on the left of the picture and a cart with the Atlas-X series cabinets on the right

As for indoor displays, above booth 1624, a 5m*2m XII series curved screen was installed. It had a pixel pitch of only 2.6mm, a high refresh rate of 3840Hz, and excellent color representation. The series can be used in retail stores, houses of worship, airport terminals, and other indoor spaces, as to provide an enjoyable viewing experience for viewers.

An XII Series screen above INFiLED’s booth

At the booth, there was also a curved screen with a resolution of 2880*1152 consisting of the XII series and the EZ series. Its flat-to-arc transition was smooth, and the display parameters of the two series used in it could be adjusted to the same. This screen was designed to show visitors unexpected great display solutions achieved by combining different INFiLED products.

A curved screen consisting of the XII series and the EZ series was shown on the left side of the picture, and a DB series screen was on the right

In terms of indoor fine-pixel-pitch products, INFiLED exhibited an impressive DB1.5 Pro series screen. It was a great choice for virtual production studios and beyond. With 16-bit grayscale and HDR technology, it can accurately present content details of extremely bright and dark scenes, realizing natural and realistic image output.

The indoor screens on display also included a WT0.9 series screen. The product adopted COB encapsulation technology, which ensured its LED panels have good heat dissipation and minimum light decay; besides, it had excellent surface protection as well, to prevent its LED beads from being damaged during transportation or installation.

A WT series screen set up at the INFiLED booth

Aside from the above-mentioned exhibits, other quality products exhibited by INFiLED comprised WP series screens applicable for meeting rooms, as well as single panels including AR 3.9, HR1.56, DB2.6.


INFiLED is an international high-tech enterprise specializing in the R&D and manufacturing of large-scale LED displays. INFiLED's products were exported to 87 countries and applied in various fields including DOOH, live events, sports, retail, corporate, and so forth. Focusing on independent innovation and continuous improvement, INFiLED is striving to be the best in the LED screen industry to enlighten the world with a visual feast.