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Optoma Unveils 3rd Generation Creative Touch 5-Series Interactive Displays With EDLA Certification

Optoma launches advanced interactive displays with Whiteboard app for enhanced learning experiences and remote collaboration in education and corporate markets

LAS VEGAS, June 12, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Optoma, the No. 1 4K UHD projection and DLP® Laser brand in the Americas,* announced at InfoComm 2024 its advanced Creative Touch 5-Series Interactive Displays. With new tools and added functionality, educators and professionals can create and connect their way to enhanced learning and remote collaboration in classrooms, lecture halls, boardrooms, and other professional environments.

With Google Enterprise Device Licensing Agreement (EDLA) certification, users can experience the full Google Suite, offering real-time collaboration from locations worldwide. Without compatibility issues or the hassle of connecting to an external PC, users can easily access the entire suite of Google-based applications they are accustomed to – including Google Drive, Google Docs, YouTube, and more – from their Chromebooks, computers, and other devices.

The education market has experienced a shift back to in-person learning with a need for innovative solutions that allow students and educators to work together seamlessly, regardless of location. Offering versatility for virtual learning, Optoma's Interactive Displays were designed to support educators in classroom environments and are equipped with two subwoofers, eight built-in microphones, WiFi 6e, and a built-in Android system compatible with popular operating systems, including Windows, Mac, and Chrome for improved multitasking and compatibility. The Interactive Displays offer an optional sensor box that measures air temperature, humidity levels, and harmful particles like mold and fungi in a room. The box also includes PIR sensors to detect motion and an NFC reader for secure login using a designated pass.

Optoma Solution Suite (OSS)
The OSS platform offers innovative software solutions to enhance the user experience.

Whiteboard: Unleash creativity through a digital whiteboard packed with annotation tools that make learning and sharing ideas engaging – facilitating collaboration in real time from anywhere.

  • Floating Toolbar: Offers seamless switching between tools to suit your task.
  • Infinity Canvas Feature: Use a virtually limitless writing space.
  • Innovative Annotation & Highlighter Tools: Make your mark with ease. Whether underlining key points or annotating complex diagrams, these tools make it a breeze.
  • Pressure Sensitivity: Experience the natural feel of writing and drawing, with a high level of fluidity and precision.
  • Handwriting Recognition: Convert handwritten notes to text with just a few taps, perfect for keeping your ideas organized and readable.
  • Smart Sketch for Shape Recognition: The Smart Sketch tool recognizes shapes and drawings and converts them into a clipart image, making it perfect for drawing diagrams or creating structured layouts.

File Manager: Easily save files, organize, or move them from local storage to networkable storage or to popular cloud services in seconds.

Display Share: Connect any device to wirelessly broadcast, share, or stream your content to the big screen. Bringing your own device has never been easier.

Customization is front and center with the new 5-Series Interactive Displays featuring several intuitive tools that allow users to modify the display and tailor to their specific needs. The quick launch pen features a dual-tip and dual color enabling teachers to switch between note taking and highlighting in nearly any color, ensuring lessons flow with ease. Simply take the pen from the holder and the Whiteboard app or annotation mode will launch automatically.

Optoma and Mozaik joined forces to bring users the best in education content. With every purchase of an Optoma Interactive Display, education institutions receive a complimentary 1-year mozaBook subscription upon registration.** This powerful education platform provides a wealth of interactive resources, including whiteboard tools, quizzes, 3D content, and multimedia materials, such as 3D animations or laboratory tools to elevate your learning experience;

"The education and corporate markets are constantly changing, so to meet the dynamic needs of these sectors, we are introducing our newest Interactive Displays that are the ideal solution for in-person, hybrid, or remote scenarios," said Brian Soto, Director of Product Management at Optoma. "The next generation of Creative Touch 5-Series IFPDs offers educators and business professionals increased customization options and advanced remote tools, fostering collaborative learning environments where lessons and ideas flourish."

A value-added solution, Optoma Management Suite (OMS)® Cloud is available on the 5-Series Interactive Displays, offering IT administrators and technicians a real time remote platform to monitor, manage, and diagnose multiple displays simultaneously that are either on the same network or connected through the cloud. OMS enables technicians to check the status and make configurations to optimize performance and broadcast emergency messages, alerts, or announcements across displays worldwide.

The Optoma 5653RK, 5753RK, and 5863RK Creative Touch 5-Series Interactive Displays are available for an estimated street price of $2,599, $3,799, and $4,999, respectively. 

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Experience more by visiting Optoma at booth #W1009 at InfoComm 2024 from June 12 - 14 at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

OMS is a registered trademark of Optoma Corporation.

DLP is a registered trademark of Texas Instruments.

*No.1 DLP Laser Brand in Americas
Data source: PMA Research: Worldwide Projector Census, 2023

*No.1 4K UHD Brand in Americas
Data source: PMA Research: Worldwide Projector Census, 2023

**The 1 year free license offer is available exclusively to educational institutions with every purchase of an Optoma 5-Series and 3-Series interactive display. Each license grants access to one device and permits unlimited usage by users on that device.

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