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Chief Brings New Large Projector Solution to InfoComm
Accessories also available for vibration reduction and security for large venue projectors

Eden Prairie, Minn., USA (MAY 2019) – - Chief, an industry leader in AV mounting solutions, will show the new Large Venue Projector Mount at InfoComm booth 2500.

The VCT Series mount was designed to install quickly while maintaining a sleek aesthetic.

“This is a great option for the many large projectors out there that aren’t heavy enough to require our VCM Series Mount but are too big for the RPA Series,” said Luke Westin, Senior Project Manager. “Plus, the VCT comes with new features!”

The VCT is 30 percent slimmer and 25 percent lighter than the VCM mount, making it easier to lift into place for installation. The sleek aesthetic looks great in a variety of environments.

Tool-free MicroZone+ Pitch Adjustment can fine tune pitch by hand with a 100:1 gear ratio for ultra-fine alignment. PrecisionSet™ locks in pitch adjustments. Tool-free MicroZone™ roll and yaw adjustments also help with quick registration.

The universal version comes with a newly designed universal interface with different-length legs to reduce clutter for various mounting patterns.

Chief has also designed new accessories for large venue projectors.

“These are accessories our customers have requested, and we’re excited to show them what we’ve come up with at InfoComm,” said Luke Westin, Senior Product Manager.

The Large Venue Projector Guard (PG4A) fully encloses large projectors in a locked steel cage to prevent recreational damage and theft. The accessory can be added to pre-existing installations without disturbing projector settings.

The adjustable front opening accommodates different lenses, and the telescoping front and back panels provide a depth range of 22-27” for better fit. Additional security is available with optional padlocks. Doors are removeable for easy access. Available in black or white.

The Large Venue Vibration Isolating Coupler (CMA348) reduces image movement caused by common building vibrations due to HVAC, foot traffic, road traffic and doors. The patented design works for systems between 35-100 lbs and connects two Chief CMS columns (1.5” NPT) to isolate vibration to the lower column. Available in black or white finish.

See all of the new projector solutions at InfoComm booth 2500.

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